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DIY Screen Panels

We now sell Screen panels for the person who wants to screen in a garage, porch, gazebogazebo screen ar make a screen room.
Panels are made with hook and loop   soft side sewed on screen is called loop.
 Hard side is Self adhesive sticky back hook fastener to mount to frame is called Hook Screen Panels are cut and sewn by hand in the United States and have loop fastener sewn around the entire screen border to insure a proper fit. We do not use any type of framing material such as plastic or metals.

Screen Panels are made in The United States using top quality materials.

Our Fiberglass insect screening is woven from high quality 18 / 14 weave fiberglass yarn that is precisely coated with a protective vinyl material. All fiberglass products are manufactured under strict standards to assure that the colors are consistent and the mesh is uniform.

Screen material is black in color and is
Resilient, long lasting
Easy to install
Will not crease, dent, or unravel
Withstands all climates, salt air, and industrial fumes
will not rot, corrode, or scratch

These screens have loop fastener sewn on all 4 sides of screen.

Please note screens may be 1/2 inch taller or wider than stated .

These screens have no zippers or pouches sewn on them. They are excellent for porches or garages .
Self adhesive hook fastener tape is available below and is priced by the foot. We do make custom size screens daily please email your measurement to and we will reply with a quote. A general rule of thumb for custom pricing is if your measurement for custom size is close to one of our stock sizes your custom screen would be $25 additional per screen provide you want a screen with loop fastener on all 4 sides.

We can add zippers for $20 per zipper. We can also sew a pouch on the bottom of the screen $20 per screen

6' 7' High


 8' High


 9' High









































Hook /Loop Fastening Tape System

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Man Watching Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Screen exterior view

Garage Screen with car

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